Enabling Your Success

Technological service

We consider our technological service one of the most important services for our customers. Therefore, several top range professionals work at EKVIA – bakery masters and confectioners with years of practice and experience. We provide them with regular trainings and briefings on the most recent trends from European bakery and confectionary. Their service imparts 2 major activities:

Presentation and introduction of new products on the market

European market frequently offers new products that EKVIA, through their foreign partners, brings closer to our bakers and confectioners. Our technologists then implement straight into the manufacture of our customer – including explanations of the correct technological procedures, familiarizing with the recipes and training of the personnel.

Problem solving

Even the best bakeries and confectionaries can experience technological problems that our customer cannot solve. The technologists at EKVIA, thanks to their years of experience, help with solutions right on the spot.

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